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Thyroxine treatment of patients with thyroid diseases, foreign experience and its use in Russia (lecture)

Gerasimov G. A.
Thyroxine is one of the 13 most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States. Thyroxine is even more frequently prescribed to patients in several co...

Peculiarity of recovery of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (hpg) axis, in men after using androgenic anabolic steroids

Lykhonosov Mykola P., Babenko Alina Y., Makarin Viktor A., Fedotov Yury  N.
BACKGROUND: Spontaneous recovery of the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal (HPG) axis after cessation of testosterone replacement therapy or a...

A review of mortality in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Asfandiyarova Nailya Sayfullaevna
The morbidity and mortality associated with type 2 diabetes have increased over recent years. The causes of death include cardiovascular disease, canc...

The role of metformin in the modern strategy of treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Smirnova Olga Mikhailovna
Metformin is a major antihyperglycemic agent used for the treatment of DM2. Analysis of the mechanism of its action is presented. Cardioprotectiveand ...

Endocrine disorders due to Rathke’s cleft cyst: a clinical case presentation

Vorotnikova Svetlana , Dzeranova Larisa , Pigarova Ekaterina , Vorontsov Aleksander , Vladimirova Viktoriya , Averkieva Elena
Rathke’s cleft cyst is one of the causes of hyperprolactinemia. It forms due to pituitary malformation during embryonic period. Nowadays the correct d...

Vasopressin: mechanism of action and clinical physiology

Natochin Yu. V.
The article is devoted to the vasopressin: mechanism of action and clinical physiology.

Standards of blood thyroid-stimulating levels: state-of-the-art

Samsonova L. N., Kasatkina E. P.
This article is a continuation of the discussion on the standards of the upper limit of the norm for the level of TSH in the blood, open on the pages ...

Cytological diagnosis of thyroid disease

Bronstein M. E.
Cytological diagnosis of various human diseases is widely used in modern medicine, especially for early preoperative diagnosis of tumors of different ...

The role of selenium in the pathogenesis of thyroid disease

Troshina Ekaterina A., Senyushkina Evgeniya S., Terekhova Maria A.
The past few years have been actively discussing the role of individual macro- and micronutrients as factors regulating the functional activity of org...

Atherogenic effect of sugar-reducing sulfonylurea drugs and its elimination by papaverin

Maxumova M A, Sobenin I A, Balabolkin M I, Orekhov A N
Effects of oral sugar-reducing sulfonylurea drugs, glybenclamide, glypizide, and glyclaside, on intracellular cholesterol level of murine peri...