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Thyroxine treatment of patients with thyroid diseases, foreign experience and its use in Russia (lecture)

Gerasimov G. A.
Thyroxine is one of the 13 most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States. Thyroxine is even more frequently prescribed to patients in several co...

Endocrine disorders due to Rathke’s cleft cyst: a clinical case presentation

Vorotnikova Svetlana , Dzeranova Larisa , Pigarova Ekaterina , Vorontsov Aleksander , Vladimirova Viktoriya , Averkieva Elena
Rathke’s cleft cyst is one of the causes of hyperprolactinemia. It forms due to pituitary malformation during embryonic period. Nowadays the correct d...

Standards of specialized diabetes care. Edited by Dedov I.I., Shestakova M.V., Mayorov A.Yu. 9th edition

Dedov Ivan I., Shestakova Marina V., Mayorov Aleksandr Y., Vikulova Olga K., Galstyan Gagik R., Kuraeva Tamara L., Peterkova Valentina A., Smirnova Olga M., Starostina Elena G., Surkova Elena V., Sukhareva Olga Y., Tokmakova Alla Y., Shamkhalova Minara S., Jarek-Martynova Ivona Renata, Artemova Ekaterina V., Beshlieva Diana D., Bondarenko Olga N., Volevodz Natalya N., Grigoryan Olga R., Gomova Irina S., Dzhemilova Zera N., Esayan Roza M., Ibragimova Liudmila I., Kalashnikov Viktor Y., Kononenko Irina V., Laptev Dmitry N., Lipatov Dmitry V., Motovilin Oleg G., Nikonova Tatiana V., Rozhivanov Roman V., Shestakova Ekaterina A.
Dear Colleagues! We are glad to present the 9th Edition (revised) of Standards of Diabetes Care. These evidence-based guidelines were designed to sta...

The role of selenium in the pathogenesis of thyroid disease

Troshina Ekaterina A., Senyushkina Evgeniya S., Terekhova Maria A.
The past few years have been actively discussing the role of individual macro- and micronutrients as factors regulating the functional activity of org...

Russian Association of Endocrinologists recommendations for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of vitamin D deficiency in adults

Pigarova Ekaterina A., Rozhinskaya Ludmila Ya., Belaya Janna E., Dzeranova Larisa K., Karonova Tatiana L., Ilyin Alexanrd V., Melnichenko Galina A., Dedov Ivan I.
Background. Adequate intake of vitamin D and its concentration in serum is important for the health of bones and calcium-phosphorus metabolism and for...

The state of erection in a patient with craniopharyngioma, panhypopituitarism and diencephalic obesity

Sidneva Yuliya G., Astafyeva Ludmila I., Kadashev Boris A., Kalinin Pavel L., Kutin Maxim A., Dzeranova Larisa K.
The article presents a clinical case from the practice of a patient with craniopharyngioma. The man of reproductive age with diencephalic obesity (BMI...

Sakharnyy diabet v Rossiyskoy Federatsii: problemy i puti resheniya

Dedov Ivan Ivanovich
Актуальность сахарного диабета (СД) определяется исключительно быстрым ростом заболеваемости. Проблема обеспечения больных диабетом качественными лека...

Autosomal dominant hypophosphataemic rickets is associated with mutations in FGF23 gene in child from Russia

Kulikova Kristina S., Vasiliev Eugeny V., Petrov Vasily M., Tiulpakov Anatoly N.
Autosomal dominant hypophosphatemic rickets (ADHR) is a rare disorder characterized of renal phosphate wasting and rickets/osteomalacia. ADHR is cause...

Pregnancy and labor in Turner's syndrome

Vorobyeva T. V., Torganova I. G.
In recent years, thanks to the introduction of in vitro fertilization method in clinical practice, the possibility of having children with Turner synd...

Cytological diagnosis of thyroid disease

Bronstein M. E.
Cytological diagnosis of various human diseases is widely used in modern medicine, especially for early preoperative diagnosis of tumors of different ...