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Structural and morphologic characteristics of nodular goiter in chronic iodine deficiency status

Troshina E. A., Makolina N. P., Kolpakova E. A., Nikiforovich P. A., Isaeva M. P., Abdulkhabirova F. M., Platonova N. M.
OBJECTIVES. Diffuse and nodular goiter are the most common thyroid gland (thyroid) diseases in children and adults living in iodine-deficient regions....

Features of achieving compensation of hypothyroisis in pregnant women [RETRACTED]

Yakubova E. G.
BACKGROUND: Hypofunction of the thyroid gland in women at the pre-pregnancy stage and during pregnancy is associated with a high risk of congenital hy...

Investigation of neural network models application in EU-TIRADS thyroid nodules classification for personalization of thyroid gland ultrasound diagnostic

Tsyguleva K. V., Lozhkin I. A., Korolev D. V., Zajcev K. S., Dunaev M. E., Garmash A. A., Manaev A. V., Zaharova S. M., Trukhin A. A., Troshina E. A.
SUBSTANTIATION. It is known that about 69% of all thyroid nodules undergoing surgical treatment are benign formations, and up to 75% of patients with ...

Thyroid functional autonomy — sclerotherapy and radioactive iodine therapy: case report

Buyvalenko U. V., Sheremeta M. S., Kim I. V., Trukhin A. A., Korchagina M. O., Sviridenko N. Yu.
Thyroid functional autonomy (TFA) is the most frequent reasons of subclinical or manifest thyrotoxicosis. Diagnosis of the causes of thyrotoxicosis (d...

Difficulties and missteps of diagnosis and surgical treatment of patient with multifocal metachronic carcinoma associated with primary hyperparathyroidism

Sergiiko S. V., Korotovskii D. V., Lukyanov S. A., Baturin O. G., Butorin A. S., Ilyina T. E.
We present a clinical case of a patient with metachronous primary multiple carcinoma of left kidney (2004) with left adrenal metastasis (2021), occult...

Non-recurrent laryngeal nerve in thyroid and parathyroid surgery

Kuprin A. A., Vetsheva N. N., Abuladze I. O.
BACKGROUND: the main reason for postoperative vocal folds paresis is the variable anatomy of the recurrent laryngeal nerve. An example of such an “ext...

Associations of thyroid status and thyroperoxidase antibodies with serum trace elements

Serikbayeva A. A., Tauesheva Z. B., Shcherbakova L. V., Rymar O. D.
BACKGROUND: Studies on the relationship between thyroid autoimmunity and serum trace elements (TE) are ongoing in different parts of the world, howeve...

Insulinoma: analysis of prevalence and incidence in the world

Yukina M. Yu., Elfimova A. R., Troshina E. A., Melnichenko G. A., Mokrysheva N. G.
BACKGROUND: Currently, there are no data on the prevalence and incidence of insulinoma in Russia. The published world data on the epidemiology of the ...

Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis is a «signal disease» in the multiorgan autoimmune syndrome

Troshina E. A.
The current century has been declared by the WHO as the «century of autoimmune diseases», of which there are more than a hundred today. The natural co...

Impact of surgical treatment of morbid obesity on joint diseases

Panevin T. S., Zotkin E. G., Lila A. M.
The prevalence of obesity in the modern world is increasing. Obesity is an independent risk factor for some rheumatic diseases and also worsens their ...